A. Bill Beach

Beach_BillBill Beach is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. He has over 30 years of nuclear experience, including experience in senior-level management positions at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). After 20 years at the NRC, Mr. Beach is now a private consultant to the nuclear industry. He has experience in all phases of commercial nuclear facilities from licensing, construction, pre-operational testing and operations. His experience has given him the opportunity to work with contractors in the construction phase, nuclear plant operators in the operations phase, and regulators. He has extensive experience in technical problem solving and organizational analysis. He has worked with a number of organizations over his career to implement initiatives for improved performance. He has demonstrated the skill and ability to see the ‘big picture’ and develop successful solutions while winning cooperation at all levels.

Prior to working as an industry consultant, Mr. Beach was the Regional Administrator for the NRC Region III Office in Chicago. While in this position, 14 of the 27 nuclear power facilities in this Region experienced an extended shutdown because of an operational performance problem or an operational event. Mr. Beach worked hard to improve both Regional and licensee performance. He led multi-year, agency-level reviews of the restart activities of seven troubled power plants, including a special committee mandated by the NRC Commission to focus on implementation of initiatives by Commonwealth Edison management to improve its fleet performance and its facilities. He was instrumental in providing senior management direction to the development and application of greatly enhanced inspection and oversight at these facilities. Three years later, plant performance throughout the region had improved substantially. Other assignments while in the NRC included participation in a special investigation following the accident at Three Mile Island, Unit 2; the leadership role on several major Headquarters team inspection efforts; participation in several licensing hearings; a special assignment in the advanced reactor program; Director of the NRC Enforcement Staff; testimony before congressional committees on several occasions; and as a senior manager, participation in many public meetings involving plant performance issues, performance assessments and industry conferences.

As a consultant, he has served as Chairman and member of a number of off-site review committees throughout the commercial nuclear industry. He has performed a number of follow-up reviews to significant operating events to evaluate operational staff and equipment performance and the associated causal analysis, and subsequently provided recommendations for corrective action that resulted in performance improvement. He has also performed risk assessments and risk evaluations of selected safety systems at several facilities, and assisted a number of utilities on matters involving corrective action program weaknesses, employee concerns, and other related program/performance issues.

Mr. Beach has worked at several Department of Energy (DOE) facilities with contractors and the DOE to improve operation efficiencies. He served as a Senior Advisor to the University of Chicago and an Executive Director reporting to the Laboratory Director responsible for nuclear operations at Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne). He participated as a member of the Yucca Mountain Executive Review Board, and was part of the 2004 Red Team that reviewed the License Application prior to a planned submittal to the NRC. He has also served as a member of several Nuclear Safety Review Boards to provide technical oversight and assistance for various design-basis related and performance-related issues. Additionally, Mr. Beach worked with the DOE and its contractors to establish effective Quality Assurance (QA) and Self-Assessment processes to focus more on risk-significant and important safety issues.

Mr. Beach received a B.S. from the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech.