Antone C. Cerne

Cerne_TonyTony Cerne is a Talisman Nuclear Safety Consultant, with over 35 years of experience in the licensing, construction, and operation of nuclear power plants. His work at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) includes 25 years of onsite plant assignments, and was preceded by several years of heavy construction supervision experience for the Army Corps of Engineers. Recent work includes the review of 10 CFR 52 construction programs and design certification submittals for Talisman clients.

Since 2001, Mr. Cerne has been involved in the development of the NRC Construction Inspection Program for advanced reactors, licensed in accordance with 10 CFR 52. This included the review and recommended revision of the “Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria” (ITAAC) for several advanced reactor designs, as well as the formulation of ITAAC inspection strategies and an ITAAC maintenance program. Prior NRC work was within the Resident Inspector program, with on-site assignments at one plant under construction and at two operating facilities. As the initial Senior Resident Inspector (SRI) at Seabrook Station, Mr. Cerne implemented the NRC inspection program and assessment methodology from the period after Construction Permit issuance through fuel load to Full Power License authorization. He has experience in nuclear construction, preoperational testing, operational, QA, and engineering applications and has a thorough knowledge of both Part 50 and Part 52 licensing and oversight activities for the current designs of US reactors.

Mr. Cerne possesses a M.S. degree in nuclear engineering from MIT and is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is NRC SRI qualified for both construction and operations at BWR and PWR facilities.