Bonnie A. Schnetzler

bschnetzlerBonnie Schnetzler is a senior security consultant at Talisman. Her nuclear security career has spanned more than 28 years, a large portion of that time holding various positions at nuclear sites, including armed officer, supervisor of security forces, and management of security at the site and corporate levels. The broad range of positions has given her a unique perspective of the nuclear security industry.

Following her service at various nuclear sites, Ms. Schnetzler became the Senior Security Specialist, in the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response. She has over 12 years experience in the areas of regulatory policy and site security licensing and incident response, including several years as a nuclear security subject matter expert. She served as agency point-of-contact for issues regarding nuclear security Frequently Asked Questions with the nuclear security industry and NEI in the area of nuclear security policy.

Bonnie was the primary author of the revised security regulations issued in 2009 and she represented the NRC at numerous conferences and symposia, speaking for the Commission and the office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response on a wide range of matters pertaining to nuclear security policy and rulemaking. She provided technical information for Congressional testimony and public speeches given by the Commissioners of the NRC on matters pertaining to nuclear security. She has been responsible for numerous task forces and committees convened to review and modify past regulatory requirements.