Carl S. Schulten

schulten_carlCarl Schulten is a Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. He retired from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in July 2014 after 33 years of service. He is a nuclear reactor licensing subject matter expert in the content, development and interpretation of nuclear power facility technical specifications required by the regulations under Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations 50.36, ‘Technical Specifications,’ for boiling water reactor (BWR) and pressurized water reactor (PWR) designs. This is in regard to all categories required by the regulation: (1) safety limits, limiting safety system settings, and limiting control settings; (2) limiting conditions for operation (LCO); (3) surveillance requirements (SRs); (4) design features; and (5) administrative controls and the bases under 50.36(b) giving the reasons for the requirements.

Mr. Schulten is also an expert in compliance determinations with technical specifications operability requirements for degraded or nonconforming conditions adverse to quality or safety using Inspection Manual Chapter 0326, ‘Operability Determinations & Functionality Assessments for Conditions Adverse to Quality or Safety.’

He has prepared Operating License Technical Specifications for six reactor units, reviewed license amendment applications and prepared safety evaluations for the conversion of five operating reactor licenses to improved Safety Standards. He is the author of numerous NRC publications on Technical Specification issues, including NUREGs, Regulatory Information Summaries (RIS), Inspection Manual Technical Guidance and Enforcement Guidance Memorandum. Mr. Schulten earned B.S. degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Maryland.