Charles W. (Bill) Reamer, Esq.

reamer_billBill Reamer is a Senior Regulatory and Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman, with 30+ years experience in both the public and private sectors. As Director of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) High-Level Waste (HLW) Repository Safety Division, Mr. Reamer led the establishment of NRC’s regulatory framework for a possible Yucca Mountain repository. While in this position, NRC’s HLW repository program received the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) highest program effectiveness ranking (where only 17% of Government programs received OMB highest ranking). As Deputy Director of NRC’s Division of Waste Management, Mr. Reamer oversaw programs on environmental protection, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and sites, and low-level waste management. He was an officer at the 2006 meeting of the international Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management and was consulted on development of International Atomic Energy Agency standards for geologic repositories. He has lead innovative activities to reach out to public communities potentially affected by government activities and, after retiring in 2006, continued to consult for NRC in areas such as public meeting facilitation.

While an attorney manager in NRC’s Office of the General Counsel, Mr. Reamer advised on licensing, certification and regulation of spent nuclear fuel transportation, storage and disposal, was involved in early legal proceedings upholding NRC’s general license for spent fuel storage, and advised on NRC’s Waste Confidence decision for licensing new reactors.

Prior to joining Talisman, Mr. Reamer was in private legal practice in Washington, DC, representing defendants in civil litigation, serving client needs in the areas of environmental law and handling disputes associated with government contracts. He also handled defense of litigation in the areas of business torts and international trade regulation, and represented business clients on complex matters before administrative agencies. He holds a LL.M. from the University of California at Berkeley, a J.D. from Duke University and is a member of the DC bar association.