Christopher I. Grimes

grimes_chrisChristopher Grimes is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. He retired from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in June 2006 after 32 years of Federal service.  His career at the NRC included a broad range of positions of increasing responsibility covering most aspects of nuclear power regulation.  At the time of his retirement, Mr. Grimes served as the Director of the Policy and Rulemaking Division in the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.  In that position, he was responsible for all of the reactor-related rulemaking activities, financial assurance, regulatory analysis, generic communications, generic project management, interoffice coordination, licensing processes, and all of the licensing and inspection activities associated with research and test reactors.

Mr. Grimes’ accomplishments also include completion of the NRC’s Systematic Evaluation Program, completion of the licensing of the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant, implementation of the Technical Specification Improvements Program, issuance of the improved Standard Technical Specifications, development of the process for converting licenses to improved technical specifications, development and implementation of the NRC’s license renewal process, and improved application of risk-informed decisions in the regulatory process. He was a qualified Incident Investigation Team Leader and Emergency Officer in the NRC’s Incident Response Program, and he led the Diagnostic Evaluation Team at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.

Mr. Grimes holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University.