Dominick LoSurdo

Dominick LoSurdo is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. He has over 35 years experience in the nuclear power industry.  Currently, Mr. LoSurdo serves as President of Nuclear Quality & Procurement Engineering Consultants, LLC (NQPEC), where he develops nuclear 10CFR50, Appendix B / NQA-1 quality assurance programs and commercial grade dedication programs. In addition, he provides nuclear and commercial grade supplier oversight services, including audits and commercial grade surveys as well as supplier source surveillances. He has performed Quality Assurance Program reviews and upgrades for supplier quality programs in each of the above specific areas, including providing personnel mentoring to enhance knowledge and performance in the supplier oversight process. He has also provided program guidance and performance for the integrated procurement process, Procurement Engineering (including the entire Commercial Grade Dedication process), supply chain operations, and nuclear and commercial grade supplier qualification and oversight.

As a Certified, Principal Quality Analyst, Mr. LoSurdo plans, performs and closes vendor audits, Nuclear Procurement Issues Corporation (NUPIC) audits and surveys, as well as joint utility and Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG) specific audits, commercial grade surveys, and source surveillances. He is qualified as a CENG and NUPIC lead auditor with responsibilities to develop audit and commercial grade survey plans and checklists. He has led NUPIC Mega Audits and some of the most difficult NUPIC audits. These responsibilities include the preparation of audit and survey plans, reports for audits and surveys led. Additionally, he is responsible for managing the ongoing maintenance of qualification of 55 assigned vendors on the CENG Approved Vendors List and provides required NUPIC database input / maintenance for the same assigned suppliers.

Prior to his work as a consultant, Mr. LoSurdo worked at the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Power Station (NMP) for more than 30 years. In his final position, Principal Quality Assurance Analyst, he was an integral player in the EPRI program that developed Commercial Grade Software Dedication guidance.  He also served as a member of the NEI / NUPIC Team that developed the NRC-accepted (via an SER) guidance document that allows the use of ILAC accredited accreditation bodies for both calibration and testing facilities in lieu of a Commercial Grade Survey.

As a Procurement Engineer at NMP, Mr. LoSurdo developed technical evaluations, failure modes evaluations, safety classifications, commercial grade dedication methodologies, and design and spare parts equivalency evaluations. In another assignment, he developed critical spares bills of materials from critical and critical-single point vulnerable components, established critical inventory levels and reorder point reorder quantities, and developed enhanced procurement requirements for critical spares. As NMP’s Supervisor, Chemistry Operations, Mr. LoSurdo supervised over 22 represented, union chemistry technicians and was responsible for daily chemistry operations and chemistry personnel supporting NMP-1 and NMP-2 BWR water chemistry and chemistry technical support to design engineering. And, as a Chemistry and Radiological Nuclear Generation Specialist, he developed and maintained the Nine Mile Point Cobalt Reduction Program and prepared annual Radiological Effluent Release Reports.

Mr. LoSurdo  received a B.A. in Chemistry from State University of New York at Oswego and an M.B.A. from Le Moyne College.