Edward T. Baker, III

ebakerMr. Baker is a Senior Nuclear Regulatory Consultant to Talisman. He has more than 30 years of nuclear regulatory and safety experience.  Since joining Talisman in 2009, Mr. Baker has assisted clients in the areas of licensing large LWRs and small modular reactors; regulatory program development for foreign regulators; review of implementation of engineering and QA programs, including dedication of commercial grade items; development of QA programs; handling allegations, employee concerns, and safety conscious work environment and safety culture issues; and nuclear-related import/export issues. As a consultant, Mr. Baker has performed management and program assessments for AREVA, ANO, Bechtel-WTP, Fluor, GE, KNF, KHNP, MNES, Oconee NPP, and Westinghouse.

Prior to joining Talisman, Mr. Baker was the Director of the Advanced Reactor Program in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Office of New Reactors where he was responsible for developing the regulatory infrastructure and licensing program for NRC’s review of advanced small light water, liquid metal, and high temperature gas-cooled reactors.  Two of his primary responsibilities were directing the development of NRC’s licensing strategies for the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) and for small modular reactors. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Baker served in a wide variety of positions at the NRC including Director of the Office of Information Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer; Deputy Director, Office of International Programs; and Agency Allegations Advisor.

Mr. Baker was also the Deputy Director of the Office of Enforcement where he was responsible for managing the Commission’s enforcement program, a senior licensing project manager for an operating nuclear plant, and an inspection team leader at operating plants and vendor facilities.

Mr. Baker has testified before Congressional committees on counterfeit parts in the nuclear industry and safety issues involving such parts. He has testified before the NRC Commission on licensing advanced reactors, IT security and development and maintenance of IT systems at the NRC, NRC international activities (including import and export activities), safety conscious work environment and safety culture issues at licensee facilities, and the quality of vendor products and counterfeit parts.

He has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.