Francis T. Cionek, Jr.

cionek_frankFrank Cionek is a Principal Engineer Consultant at Talisman. He has more than 30 years technical and management experience within environmental litigation, remediation, decommissioning, nuclear plant operations, manufacturing, and metallurgical/ metallographic environments. Mr. Cionek has assisted in identifying and reviewing key technical documents, gathering data and samples that meet evidentiary standards, analyzing testimony and reports presented by opposing witnesses, and developing geographic information systems for facilities that show history, operating processes, and effluent releases. He has assisted in the decommissioning and remediation of retired nuclear reactor facilities and sites contaminated with radionuclides, volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals under NEPA, RCRA, and CERCLA requirements. Mr. Cionek has provided Process Engineering design and documentation, within a high precision Dimensional Inspection Team, supporting tasks related to research, development, test, and analysis of weapon components and subassemblies. He has developed process standards, quality assurance procedures, and management systems to schedule, track, and evaluate engineering performance. He has developed reactor maintenance and refueling outage schedules that optimized electrical power generation and nuclear material production. Mr. Cionek has performed developmental and failure analysis of nuclear reactor fuels and components using metallographic techniques. Mr. Cionek has an A.A.S. Mechanical Technology from Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, New York and a B.S. Industrial Technology from State University College at Buffalo, New York.