Geoffrey C. Wright

Wright_GeofGeoff Wright is a Nuclear Safety Consultant for Talisman International. He has more than 38 years of nuclear safety experience, including management level positions at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and consulting services in the areas of corrective action programs and causal analysis.  Mr. Wright served with the NRC for 32 years, including assignments as a Senior Resident Inspector, Project Engineer, Section Chief, Branch Chief, Acting Director Division of Resource Management and Acting Deputy Director in the Division of Reactor Projects and the Division of Nuclear Materials. In those positions, he directed the inspection activities at reactor and material facilities, and operator licensing activities for the NRC’s Region III office.  Mr. Wright also served as the Branch Chief for all NRC operator licensing activities during the incumbent’s extended absence.

Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Wright was an engineer with General Electric’s Installation and Service Engineering organization for seven years. During that time, he performed maintenance activities on large steam and gas turbines and components associated with safety systems at BWR nuclear power facilities.  Mr. Wright also served as a nuclear startup/test engineer for General Electric and certified as a senior reactor operator.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan.