Jack E. Rosenthal

rosenthal_jackJack Rosenthal is a Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman with over 40 years experience in the nuclear industry. As an independent consultant, he provides regulatory and technical licensing advice. Prior to consulting for Talisman, Mr. Rosenthal was at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as the Branch Chief of the Advanced Reactor Research Branch in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. Mr. Rosenthal has over 30 years of federal service, primarily with the NRC. He was a member of the Senior Executive Service from 1986-2006.

Mr. Rosenthal’s work has involved four different reactor designs: the Braka Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the US APWR design, the AREVA US Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR) design, and the AP1000 design. Specifically, Mr. Rosenthal provided independent safety assessment services to the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) of the UAE for the licensing of the BNPP; provided consulting services to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries related to the preparation of the US-APWR Standard Design Certification Application; provided licensing advice to Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power concerning the APR 1400; and provided technical consulting to the NRC related to the EPR. Additionally, Mr. Rosenthal presented lectures to the National Nuclear Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China describing the design certification of the Westinghouse AP 1000.

Mr. Rosenthal recently assisted in the preparation of testimony concerning intellectual property, and wrote testimony concerning specific performance for arbitration between major international nuclear suppliers.

Mr. Rosenthal’s experience includes nuclear power plant safety, regulatory development, policy development, incident response and event analyses, operational experience analyses and feedback, physics and thermal-hydraulic analyses, and severe accident analyses. As Chief of the Advanced Reactor Branch he managed multi-disciplinary research planning, identified knowledge gaps and the data and experiments needed to provide the technical basis for licensing the future generation of nuclear power plants, including AP 1000, ESBWR, ACR-700, EPR, IRIS, and PBMR. He directed the daily review of domestic and foreign operational experience to identify operational experience warranting feedback to the industry, and led and participated in major incident investigations. He initiated and directed multi-disciplinary studies of systems, components and human performance issues at nuclear power plants to identify risk-significant issues and corrective actions. He also directed the Accident Sequence Program, which applies probabilistic risk assessment techniques to the analysis of actual incidents at nuclear power plants.

Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Rosenthal was a Principle Physicist at Combustion Engineering where he designed new reactor cores for System 80 and reload cores (Calvert Cliffs, Maine Yankee), performed reactor safety analyses, and criticality analyses for the first generation of high-capacity spent fuel pools. He holds both an M.S. and B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from New York University.