James H. Moorman, III

moorman_jamesJim Moorman is a Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. Before joining Talisman in 2013, he was the Director of the Division of Construction Projects, Center for Construction Inspection, for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the Region II Office in Atlanta, Georgia. He retired from the NRC with 32 years of government service.

Mr. Moorman’s NRC career included assignments at the NRC Region II Office in Atlanta and at the Palo Verde Nuclear Station in Arizona. Prior to being promoted into the Senior Executive Service, he held positions as a quality assurance inspector, operator licensing examiner, senior resident inspector, inspection team leader, and branch chief. As an NRC senior executive, he led the Region II, Center for Construction Inspection, Division of Construction Projects in the development and implementation of the Construction Reactor Oversight Process. Prior to moving to the Division of Construction Projects, Mr. Moorman managed the mechanical construction inspection branch. As an NRC Branch Chief in the Region II Division of Reactor Projects, he managed the reactor oversight process for the Duke Power sites at Catawba, McGuire and Oconee. As a Branch Chief in the Region II Division of Reactor Safety, he managed the NRC program for examining and issuing licenses to nuclear power plant operators.

Mr. Moorman has led and participated in numerous routine and reactive NRC inspections at operating reactors. He has led and participated in many operator licensing examinations.

Mr. Moorman began his career in nuclear power as a Shift Test Engineer at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia. He was qualified by Naval Reactors (08) to stand watch on nuclear powered submarines (S5W) and nuclear powered surface ships (D2G). He received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree at Georgia Institute of Technology.