Jared S. Wermiel

Wermiel_JerryJerry Wermiel is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. He retired from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in April 2009 after more than 31 years of service, 19 of which were in the Senior Executive Service (SES). His career at the NRC included positions in a broad range of nuclear power plant safety regulation in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR). Most recently, he was Senior Technical Advisor (SLS) for Instrumentation and Controls, responsible for development of the licensing process for digital instrumentation and control (I&C) system upgrades to nuclear plant safety systems.. Prior to that, he served in the SES management positions of Deputy Director of the Division of Safety Systems, Chief of the Reactor Systems Branch, Chief of the Instrumentation and Controls Branch and Chief of the Human Factors Assessment Branch. In these positions, he was responsible for oversight and direction of licensing reviews and development of regulatory criteria for reactor accident analysis, nuclear fuel design, emergency core cooling systems, reactor auxiliary and support systems, containment systems, spent fuel storage and handling, tornado missile and pipe break protection, fire protection, reactor protection systems, I&C systems (including digital I&C upgrades), control room design and associated human/machine interface issues for operating plants and standardized reactor designs. Early in his NRC career, Mr. Wermiel was a Section Leader and Senior Reviewer in the plant and auxiliary systems area and served in direct support to the recovery of Three Mile Island Unit 2 immediately following the accident.

Mr. Wermiel led the NRC effort for the development of licensing criteria for implementation of digital I&C systems and was the NRR lead executive for the Year 2000 Problem in nuclear power plants. He provided expert testimony before administrative hearing boards on nuclear power plant safety issues on several occasions. He made presentations before the NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards and the National Academy of Sciences on digital I&C systems and other safety system issues.

Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Wermiel worked on the design of nuclear power plant balance-of-plant, auxiliary and support systems for Bechtel Power Corporation. Mr. Wermiel holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University and is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Maryland.