John A. Olshinski


John Olshinski is a Vice President at Talisman. He has over 40 years of nuclear safety experience including senior-level management experience at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Currently, Mr. Olshinski is the Quality Assurance Manager for the automated litigation support contractor (ALS) supporting the Department of Energy (DOE) Licensing Support Network for the license application for the Yucca Mountain high-level nuclear waste repository.  In that capacity, Mr. Olshinski developed and implemented the Quality Assurance Plan applicable to quality activities of ALS document processing and production, including document intake, processing, screening and posting to the publicly accessible Licensing Support Network.

Prior to joining Talisman, Mr. Olshinski held executive management positions at a number of nuclear consulting companies where he provided expert nuclear safety support to the commercial nuclear utility industry and to DOE. During this time, Mr. Olshinski conducted inspections, reviews and assessments of the implementation and effectiveness of various nuclear safety programs and processes.

Mr. Olshinski was also Chairman of the Off-Site Review Committee for a two-unit nuclear power station. During this time, he reported directly to the utility Chief Nuclear Officer on nuclear safety matters.

While Deputy Administrator, NRC Region II (Southeastern United Sates), Mr. Olshinski managed the NRC regional staff implementing NRC inspection, enforcement, quality assurance, licensing actions, operator licensing and emergency response programs for thirty operating reactors and eleven reactors under construction. While at NRC Region II, he also held the positions of the Director, Division of Reactor Safety, and Director, Division of Reactor Projects.  While at NRC Headquarters, Mr. Olshinski was Chief of the Operating Reactors Assessment Branch and managed a multi-disciplinary staff responsible for evaluation of operating reactor events throughout the United States.  He was also heavily involved in the NRC response to Three Mile Island (TMI) and was a primary contributor to developing and issuing the changes to NRC requirements as a result of TMI.  During his time at NRC Headquarters, Mr. Olshinski also held the position of Special Assistant to the Director, Division of Licensing in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.  Prior to this, Mr. Olshinski was a senior reactor engineer responsible for the licensing review of the reactor systems portion of operating reactor license applications.

Mr. Olshinski has over ten years active duty experience in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program where he was a Chief Engineer Officer on a nuclear submarine. Mr. Olshinski was also Commanding Officer of two Naval Reserve units and retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain.

Mr. Olshinski has testified before congressional committees and as an expert in civil litigations on nuclear regulation, nuclear safety and nuclear operations matters. He received an M.S. in Management from Duke University and B.S. in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina.