John R. Madera


John Madera is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. He has more than 36 years of nuclear regulatory and safety experience including 27 years of service at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Before his retirement from the NRC in 2009, Mr. Madera served as the Deputy Division Director, Division of Nuclear Materials Safety in the NRC Region III Office in Lisle, Illinois, where he oversaw the inspection, licensing, and decommissioning activities of over 1200 licensed users of radioactive material across an eight state region. He began his NRC career in 1981 as a Radiation Specialist/Health Physicist and retired at the Senior Executive Service level. During his career with the NRC, he was responsible for the evaluation of the potential environmental impact of proposed uses of radioactive material.   He participated in the development of Commission regulatory policies, procedures, and licensing guides for radioactive material use.

Prior to his service at the NRC, Mr. Madera served in the U.S. Army as a medical radiologic technologist and Non-Commissioned Officer in-charge of the 731st Medical Dispensary in Amberg, West Germany.  As a civilian, he was the Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist for a large suburban Chicago hospital.

Since his retirement from the NRC, Mr. Madera has provided evaluation services for the nuclear power industry in the identification and resolution of safety issues and safety culture assessment using root cause analysis expertise. Mr. Madera is a competent practitioner of a variety of root cause analytical tools including Hazard-Barrier-Target Analysis, Events and Causal Factors Charting Analysis, Change Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, and Management Oversight and Risk Tree Analysis. He also provides consulting services in radiation safety program management.

Mr. Madera received an A.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Triton College. He is certified and registered in Nuclear Medicine Technology (CNMT/ARRT). He also holds an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University, and a B.A. in Spanish and Pre-Medical Sciences from Southern Illinois University.