John T. Greeves, P.E.

Greeves_JohnJohn Greeves is a Senior Regulatory Safety Consultant to Talisman. Mr. Greeves retired from the NRC as Director, Office of Nuclear Materials Safety and Safeguards, Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection. He has more than thirty-five years of experience with government and commercial siting, design, construction and remediation of critical infrastructure facilities including: nuclear and conventional power plants, dams, radioactive and hazardous waste disposal facilities.

For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Greeves has provided international consulting advice on environmental remediation and waste management issues associated with radioactive and hazardous waste materials, and is considered one of the leading experts on radioactive and hazardous waste issues. While at the NRC, Mr. Greeves directed the Agency’s program for licensing, inspection, and regulation to assure safety and quality associated with the management, treatment, and commercial disposal of low-level nuclear waste (LLW), uranium recovery (UR) activities including mill tailings management, high level waste disposal (HLW), and material facility and power reactor decommissioning. He developed, implemented, and evaluated safety and environmental policies and long-range goals for these activities.

Previously, Mr. Greeves managed the NRC’s program for licensing and inspection of industrial, medical nuclear facilities, and fuel fabrication facilities. Prior to joining the NRC in 1974 he worked for Bechtel Power Corporation on the design and construction of nuclear power plants. Mr. Greeves served on a number of national and international panels regarding waste management activities. He was NRC’s representative to the IAEA Waste Safety Standards Advisory Committee, and participated extensively in the development of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management. In 1993 and 2001, Mr. Greeves received Presidential Meritorious Rank Awards. Mr. Greeves is a registered Professional Engineer and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Health Physics Society. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland, and completed Graduate Studies in groundwater analysis at the University of Maryland and Graduate studies in Business Management at Golden Gate University.