Joseph DeBor

SONY DIGITAL CAMERAJoseph DeBor is a Senior Nuclear Plant Human Factors Engineering Consultant at Talisman. He has over 30 years of human factors engineering experience with U.S. Federal agencies, international agencies and the private sector. He is an expert in applying and teaching Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulatory requirements and guidance-based human factors engineering.

Mr. DeBor is experienced with legacy control room designs (Westinghouse, GE, CE, B&W and German KWU) and modern era control room designs, including the Russian VVER 1000, the Korean APR 1400 and the Mitsubishi USAPWR.

In the course of his career he has participated in more than 100 on-site regulatory inspections/design projects in the U.S. and internationally. His inspection experience includes main control rooms, remote shutdown facilities, technical support centers, emergency operations facilities and emergency operating procedures at nuclear power plants in the U.S., Spain, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Mexico. Mr. DeBor has also supported on-site inspections for U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities, including the Savannah River Site, Defense Waste Processing Facility, Pantex and others.

He has designed and delivered several Human Factors Engineering training courses for the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP) engineering staff. These training courses were designed to provide a formal understanding of regulatory human factors engineering requirements, processes and principles. The course durations ranged from eight to twelve weeks.

Mr. DeBor received a B.A. in English from George Washington University and attended the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School.