Joseph E. Carignan

Carignan_Joe-photoJoe Carignan is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. He has over 25 years of diverse decommissioning experience beginning as the Operations Manager on the first large scale reactor decommissioning (Shippingport Station Decommissioning Project).  He has been involved in numerous large and small-scale decommissioning projects, both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Carignan has provided consulting services to numerous clients in the area of decommissioning cost estimating. He has served on assessment teams evaluating decommissioning cost estimates ($500+ million) to determine the adequacy of the cost estimates and identify areas for cost savings and associated risk analysis, and has also conducted an independent assessment of the Nuclear Ship Savannah’s decommissioning cost estimate.  He supported the development of the risk register for integration into the cost and schedule for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Decommissioning Project, and served as a Subject Matter Expert for decommissioning cost studies for all of Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) nuclear plants.  He has also provided consulting support and project management for the on-site area portion of the decommissioning cost estimate and plan for Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant.  He is presently developing decommissioning cost estimates for various facilities for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

On behalf of numerous clients, Mr. Carignan has developed and conducted training for decommissioning cost estimation, project planning and management, EH&S, and risk assessment. He routinely provides decommissioning training and support for Argonne National Laboratories (ANL) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at various locations which, to date, includes over 2200 participants from 68 countries. He has provided decommissioning training and related consulting services to a minority owner of SONGS and developed and conducted a Decommissioning Cost Estimating Workshop for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (previously AECL). That workshop was presented to both Whiteshell and Chalk River Laboratories for over 100 personnel.  He conducted Risk Management and cost estimating training and support for Ignalina nuclear plant personnel and an IAEA-sponsored company in Slovakia.  He has conducted Project Management, Cost Estimating, Transition Planning, and Risk Management training for companies in the Republic of Korea.

Mr. Carignan served as a decommissioning expert for an IAEA workshop in Vienna, Austria on decommissioning cost estimating/project management. He also supported the IAEA as a Team Expert for IAEA Missions to China and Romania to evaluate decommissioning plans and conducted a week-long training on how to prepare decommissioning cost estimates.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Lander College/University.