Joseph R. Gray, Esq.

Gray_JoeJoe Gray is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. He has more than 30 years of experience in developing and implementing NRC regulations and licensing requirements. Prior to his retirement from the NRC, Mr. Gray served as the Associate General Counsel for Licensing and Regulation. He was responsible for directing and overseeing the Legal Counsel, Legislation and Special Projects Division and the Rulemaking and Fuel Cycle Division in the Office of the General Counsel. Work in these divisions included import and export licensing, development of legislation and interactions with Congress and OMB, Price-Anderson implementation, FOIA administration, all agency rulemaking, Agreement State program oversight, and nuclear materials and radioactive waste facilities licensing and regulation. His significant regulatory work after 2000 included major input to, and successful support for, the commercial nuclear provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, a rewrite of all of 10 CFR Part 2 (hearings/rules of practice), a major rewrite of Part 52 on new reactor licensing, a rewrite of the SGI rules, a rewrite of the security regulations in 10 CFR Part 73, a major revision to the fitness-for-duty requirements in 10 CFR Part 26, and a substantial update to the NRC’s Waste Confidence assessments required by the Federal courts. From the spring of 2009 until his retirement at the end of the year, Mr. Gray served as Acting Deputy General Counsel.

Since his retirement from Federal service, Mr. Gray has worked as a consultant for Talisman and done other work as an independent contractor. Projects include the areas of decommissioning of nuclear power plants, segments of reports on commercial nuclear power plant regulatory and licensing requirements for the Blue Ribbon Commission on high-level waste, assessment of readiness for operation of a nuclear power plant under construction, licensing approaches for low-level radioactive waste disposal, and assessments of possible new domestic requirements on dealing with land contamination from a postulated nuclear power plant accident.

Mr. Gray holds a B.S. and M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and Carnegie-Mellon University, respectively. He earned his law degree at Dickinson School of Law.