Kenneth E. Scheffter

Scheffter_KenKen Scheffter is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. He has over 37 years of engineering and management experience, including extensive startup, operations, engineering, and maintenance management, as well as technical and management consulting assignments in a number of Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear material processing facilities.  Past assignments included highly enriched uranium fuel facility startup and commissioning, plutonium and uranium separations facility operations, tritium extraction/purification operations, and tritium-related weapons component production.  Consulting assignments include classification/declassification reviews up to and including Top Secret for any DOE classified equities, being fully certified to do so for all approved DOE Classification Guidance; domestic and international nuclear material safeguards for DOE’s Office of Environmental Management (EM); information security for the Licensing Support Network supporting the Yucca Mountain high-level waste repository license application; and new waste processing facility design process and functional specification development at Savannah River (SR).  Mr. Scheffter has specific expertise in nuclear material safeguards and security and in conducting nuclear safety, risk, quality assurance, and compliance assurance assessments.  His recent assignments in this field include developing and coordinating safeguards termination approvals for numerous EM facilities; integrated safety management and quality assurance assessments at DOE’s Idaho and Hanford sites; an NQA-1 national standards assessment for quality assurance of the Advanced Gas Reactor Fuel Program at the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Idaho; a compliance assurance assessment of the Yucca Mountain Project Licensing Support Network prior to certification; and the Material Control and Accountability (MC&A) Termination Survey at the DOE Rocky Flats site.

Mr. Scheffter is also a recognized expert in the field of nuclear materials stabilization, processing, handling, and management. He has expertise in nuclear material protection, control, and accountability requirements.  He also has expertise in all aspects of nuclear process instrumentation and in-process measurement of the attributes of nuclear materials.    He has a broad background in nuclear weapons and surplus nuclear material management/disposition strategies.  He has provided management and technical support to the DOE’s National Nuclear Safety Administration, Defense Programs, and Environmental Management Programs at both Headquarters and DOE field sites, and holds an active “Q” clearance with DOE.  He also holds an active Department of Justice (DoJ) Public Trust Clearance.

Through his service as a submarine officer in the Naval Nuclear Power Program, Mr. Scheffter has expertise in the startup, testing, operation, and maintenance of pressurized water reactors and steam/electrical generation systems. He has a thorough understanding of reactor protection systems, reactor and steam plant mechanical and instrumentation systems, and electrical distribution systems.

Mr. Scheffter received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester.