Lawrence R. Jacobi, Esq., P.E.

Jacobi_LawrenceLawrence Jacobi is a Senior Nuclear Regulatory Consultant to Talisman. He is an experienced nuclear industry executive with more than 40 years of frontline experience in engineering, project management and design, environmental sciences, law, and governmental and media affairs. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, Health Physicist and member of the State Bar of Texas. Mr. Jacobi provides hands-on technical and regulatory assistance in the licensing, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear and radiological facilities, including expert guidance on radiation risk assessment, licensing and permitting of nuclear facilities, environmental assessments, nuclear facility closure and decommissioning plans, radiological and non-radiological environmental monitoring programs, and nuclear facility operating procedures. Mr. Jacobi also provides field surveys (including final status surveys); technical support related to contamination control and Health Physics for facility operation, closure and decommissioning; and expert assistance on the management of radioactive waste storage, processing and disposal facilities.

Mr. Jacobi received an M.E. and B.S in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University. He earned his law degree at South Texas College of Law.