Marc L. Dapas

Marc Dapas is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman International.  With over 31 years of leadership experience in the nuclear field, Mr. Dapas currently serves on the Safety Review Board for seven nuclear power plants.  Prior to his retirement from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in January 2019, Mr. Dapas served as the Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards (NMSS), with responsibility for leading over 300 technical and administrative staff and managing a budget of $171 million.  As the NMSS Director, Mr. Dapas led the implementation of programs to provide for the physical security of nuclear materials and waste, as well as the protection against radiological sabotage, theft, or diversion of specific materials.  He was also responsible for regulatory oversight of fuel cycle facilities; uranium processing facilities; nuclear materials users (medical, industrial, research, and academic); spent fuel storage and transportation; decontamination and decommissioning of reactor and complex materials facilities; and both low-level and high-level radioactive waste.

As the Regional Administrator for the NRC’s Region IV Office (2013-2016), Mr. Dapas led an organization of 200 technical, inspection, and administrative staff to provide oversight of 19 operating reactors and approximately 600 materials licensees.  His responsibilities included implementation of the event response, emergency preparedness, and corporate support functions; inspection programs and assessment activities related to both reactor and materials facilities, and the NRC’s allegation (whistleblower) program that addresses issues raised by licensee employees, contractors, and members of the public that may affect the safety or security of nuclear power plants and materials facilities.

Mr. Dapas also served as the Deputy Office Director, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response (2011-2013), where he was responsible for the NRC’s security oversight programs, to include review of emergency preparedness and security-related licensing actions; inspection of each licensee’s capability to respond to an adversary force attempting to gain access to an operating reactor (i.e., NRC “force-on-force” inspection program); ensuring the NRC’s readiness to respond to any accident condition or reportable event involving nuclear facilities or materials; the ongoing assessment, in coordination with the U.S. intelligence community, of the domestic terrorist threat environment; and inspection of licensee implementation of NRC-cyber-security requirements.

In addition, Mr. Dapas held a number of other Senior Executive Service-level positions in the NRC’s Region I and III Offices.  Before joining the NRC, Mr. Dapas served in the U.S. Navy as a submarine officer, which included qualifying as Engineer Officer and a tour as the Assistant Engineering Readiness and Training Officer for Submarine Group Six.