Mark A. Ring

ring_markMark Ring is a Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. His activities primarily involve assisting with the resolution of engineering, testing, operations, and regulatory-related problems at United States nuclear reactor licensees. Mr. Ring has 33 years of experience in the commercial nuclear power industry in the new construction, testing, and operation of nuclear power plants. He retired from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) after 32 years of service, including multiple activities in Inspector, Section Chief, and Branch Chief positions for NRC’s Region III office. Following retirement from NRC in January 2013, he supported the recovery and successful restart of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station as a consultant from January to December 2013.

Mr. Ring has a thorough knowledge of the operational and engineering applications used at nuclear power plants, as well as demonstrated experience in identifying and analyzing potential safety significant issues for Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) and Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR). He has extensive experience in observing, reviewing, assessing and reporting on equipment testing, engineering, maintenance, operations activities, and facility management, such as quality assurance and administrative controls. Mr. Ring has a thorough understanding of NRC rules, regulations, and procedures for administration and enforcement of licensee activities at operating nuclear plants, and those under construction. He has also supervised and managed a wide variety of inspection and assessment activities at multiple levels.

Mr. Ring is a highly experienced team leader and manager having led or managed numerous Augmented Inspection Teams (AITs), Special Inspection Teams (SITs), Safety System Functional Inspection (SSFI) teams, Service Water System Operational Performance Inspection (SWSOPI) teams, and Electrical Distribution System Functional Inspection (EDSFI) teams. He also supported the NRC’s first Incident Investigation Team for the Loss of All Feedwater event at Davis-Besse. Mr. Ring was a key member of the combined NRC/Industry working group that produced the initial Maintenance Rule Guidance document NUMARC/NEI 93-01 and managed a pilot plant, Quad Cities, during the development of the NRC’s Revised Reactor Oversight Process in 1999-2000.

Mr. Ring began his career as a Test Engineer at the Electric Boat (EB) Shipyard in Groton, Connecticut, qualifying on four different submarine reactor types and serving as a Shift Test Engineer for multiple boats in various states of overhaul, refueling, and new construction. He departed EB as the Chief Nuclear Test Engineer for the Trident submarine prototype (S8G) at West Milton, New York. He holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University.