Peter Wilson

Wilson PeterPeter Wilson is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman with over 40 years of experience as a nuclear safety professional. Most recently (2013-2017), he served as the Fleet Compliance Manager and the Licensing Corporate Functional Area Manager (CFAM) at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  In 2013, Mr. Wilson retired from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) after 25 years of service.   In his last assignment at the NRC he served as the Deputy Director of the Division of Reactor Projects in NRC’s Region I.  Other assignments included Deputy Director of the Division of Safety in Region I, Chief Balance of Plant Branch, Resident and Senior Resident Inspector, and Senior Reactor Analyst (SRA).  Early in his career, Mr. Wilson worked for the General Electric (GE) Startup, Test and Operations group where he completed assignments as GE Shift Supervisor, Shift Test Director and on-shift GE technical advisor at several boiling water reactors sites.  He began his nuclear career as a Nuclear Trained Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy, serving as the Reactor Controls Division Officer on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and as the First Lieutenant on a nuclear-powered cruiser.

At TVA, Mr. Wilson provided oversight and support to TVA’s nuclear stations in the areas of NRC inspection preparations, regulatory issue management, communications with the NRC, and regulatory reporting. This included the preparations and support for multiple Supplemental Inspections, complex engineering inspections, regulatory analyses, and preparations for Regulatory and Preliminary Enforcement Conferences. As the Licensing Corporate Functional Manager, he represented TVA in discussions with the NRC on the development of the NRC’s new Design Basis Assurance Inspection procedure and provided extensive onsite oversight of these inspections at the TVA stations. In response to these inspections, he developed appropriate regulatory positions on inspector identified issues and engaged with Regional management to ensure that these positions were effectively communicated. Mr. Wilson led the development and implementation of the “Best in Fleet” procedure that significantly improved TVA fleet inspection readiness and inspection management. He also led the development and implementation of a TVA fleet process to conduct in-depth analyses of regulatory issues.  These analyses provided a comprehensive evaluation of issue significance and offered recommendations to TVA senior leadership to minimize any regulatory impacts.  On several occasions these analyses successfully demonstrated to the NRC that the regulatory significance of these issues was very low.  He also led “Mock Inspections” that successfully identified vulnerabilities and gaps that needed to be addressed prior to NRC inspection of TVA stations.

As the NRC Region I Deputy Division Director, Mr. Wilson shared leadership for the implementation of the Region’s reactor oversight program in the areas of operations, testing, engineering, maintenance, radiological controls, emergency preparedness, security, and operator initial license operator qualification and requalification inspection. He also led assessments of utility regulatory performance, and determinations of inspection finding significance. Additionally, he provided significant oversight of the region’s initial post Fukushima inspection activities.

Mr. Wilson received a B.S. in Applied Engineering from Miami University.