Philip Gianutsos, CHP

Gianutsos_PhilipPhilip Gianutsos is a Radiation Safety Consultant at Talisman, specializing in the licensing and health physics aspects of radioactive materials programs. He recently conducted a research reactor relocation project, providing technical support to the licensing phase and onsite support for reactor defueling, disassembly, transfer, and unrestricted release of the existing facility.  Before joining Talisman he was the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) for the EnergySolutions Radioactive Waste Processing facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He has more than 35 years of applied Health Physics experience, with the last 18 years focused primarily on Low Level Radioactive Waste Management (LLRW), including the development and maintenance of programs directly supporting radioactive waste incineration and contaminated/activated metal melting and casting. In addition to operating facility licensing, he has provided regulatory support for a Brownfield site recovery and relicensing project, and obtained two U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Import and Export license pairs for international radioactive waste work.

Other radioactive materials program experience includes work with a high activity source manufacturer, a year long assignment as a university RSO, program support for several Nuclear Medicine licensees, sub-surface investigation of a research facility’s on-site burial pit, and the operation of a commercial health physics instrumentation calibration and repair facility.

Mr. Gianutsos was engaged in power reactor-related work for over 10 years, developing and conducting health physics training for facility staff, and supporting Emergency Preparedness Program staff. He held various supervisory and radiological engineering support roles at multiple reactor sites, including a project in the former Yugoslavia.

Mr. Gianutsos holds a B.S. in Applied Science and Technology – Radiation Protection, from Thomas Edison State College.