Randolph L. Sullivan, CHP

Sullivan_RandyRandy Sullivan is a Nuclear Safety Consultant to Talisman. He has 40 years of nuclear safety experience in managerial, technical and leadership positions across multiple professional venues. A certified health physicist, Mr. Sullivan specializes in emergency preparedness (EP), regulatory issues, technical policy and radiological consequence analysis. As a national level expert in nuclear power plant emergency preparedness and response, he has coached, trained, exercised or evaluated hundreds of emergency responders and responded to actual radiological emergencies in a leadership capacity and has developed and controlled dozens of drills and exercises.

Mr. Sullivan is expert in regulatory oversight processes and advanced the field of nuclear accident consequence analysis. He is the original principal contributor to the Emergency Preparedness Cornerstone of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Reactor Oversight Process including the inspection regimen and the significance determination process.

Mr. Sullivan received a B.S. in Engineering Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.