Robert G. Smith

Smith_RobertRobert Smith is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. He has over 35 years of nuclear plant experience having held leadership positions in Decommission Planning, Station Management, Engineering, Operations, Training, and Production. Prior to joining Talisman he was a Vice President at Entergy Corporation responsible for decommissioning planning at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station (VY). Under his leadership, VY smoothly entered SAFSTOR while the station operated at 100 % capacity factor for its entire last operating cycle. Expenses were maintained under budget and within project estimates. All critical path activities were completed on time or ahead of schedule, including fuel analysis, PSDAR, Decommissioning Cost Estimate, Permanently Defueled Emergency Plan and Defueled Tech Specs.

In operations, Mr. Smith has held top management positions at several nuclear power plants including Site Vice President and General Manager Plant Operations at Pilgrim Station, Plant Manager Nine Mile Point Unit 1 and Operations Manager positions at NMP1 and 2. His expertise is broad based, having experienced all phases in a nuclear plant life span, from startup and test to initial power testing and commercial operation to, most recently, decommissioning. Mr. Smith is experienced in safety reviews, operations, licensing, engineering, testing, outage management, training, accreditation renewals, union contract negotiations, and project management. He has driven performance to INPO 1 levels and supported turnaround situations.

Mr. Smith holds a B.S. degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and an M.B.A. from Syracuse University. He was a Professional Engineer, licensed in New York State, and held two Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Senior Reactor Operator licenses. He has successfully completed the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations’ (INPO) Senior Nuclear Plant Management Course, the Entergy Executive Program at the University of Maryland, GE’s Advanced Management Course and the Public Utility Executive Program at the University of Michigan.