Stuart Richards

Richards_StuartStuart Richards is a Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant at Talisman. He has 38 years of nuclear safety experience, including senior executive positions at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Prior to joining Talisman, Mr. Richards was the Deputy Director of the Division of Systems Analysis in the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. In that position, he directed regulatory research activities related to the development of computer codes, models and experimental data bases for evaluating transient behavior of nuclear reactor and plant systems under normal, abnormal, and accident conditions for current and advanced reactors.

Mr. Richards joined the NRC in 1981 as a Reactor Inspector in the Region I office. He was later a Senior Resident Inspector at an operating commercial reactor, and held leadership roles in the management of the NRC’s inspection and oversight programs in Region V and as the Branch Chief for the Inspection Program Branch in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR) in Rockville, MD. Mr. Richards has either led or provided management direction to many NRC oversight program improvement efforts and major inspections of nuclear facility performance safety issues. He was qualified as an Incident Investigation Team Leader via a formal training program. He has briefed the NRC Commission and the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) on issues such as regulatory improvements, inspection and oversight programs, and safety issues at nuclear facilities. Mr. Richards has represented the NRC as a speaker or panel member at numerous national conferences, public outreach meetings, and working groups. He also represented the NRC on a number of occasions in meetings with Congressional staff.

Mr. Richards holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy.