Wayne G. Burnside

Wayne Burnside is an Information Security Consultant at Talisman. Prior to joining Talisman he worked at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) where he gained over 30 years of experience as a security professional.  As a Senior Information Security Specialist for many of these years, he handled information classification issues including the management of certain aspects of security programs for NRC licensees with access to classified information in connection with licensed activities.  He developed classification guidance on sensitive topics such as aircraft impact on nuclear power plants and spent fuel casks.  He served as the NRC representative for the automatic declassification of 25-year-old National Security Information and conducted numerous classification appraisals in NRC offices to assess classified information handling practices.  He is also experienced in the conduct of employee training in such areas as general security awareness for the protection of classified and safeguards information and more specialized training in classification and declassification.

Mr. Burnside has conducted numerous physical security surveys to determine vulnerabilities and assisted in the planning and implementation of highly technical physical security controls.  He received a B.S. degree in  Administration of Justice from American University.