Talisman personnel have participated in dozens of proceedings before state and Federal regulatory agencies, lawsuits in state and Federal court, and arbitration hearings. We have particular expertise in cases where releases of radioactive, hazardous, or toxic materials to the environmental have been alleged, including worker exposure litigation and “downwinders” litigation. We also have extensive experience in litigation and regulatory proceedings involving the regulation of nuclear facilities, including litigation with vendors, litigation with minority owners, prudence reviews of plant outages, NRC licensing proceedings, import/export licensing, safety conscious work environmental (SWCE) issues, FERC proceedings to review power plant decommissioning costs, prudence reviews of plant construction costs, due diligence evaluation of nuclear assets, False Claims Act litigation, and tax litigation.

Talisman personnel have conducted reviews of operational and regulatory performance of nuclear power plants since the mid-1980s. These reviews have been performed for Boards of Directors, senior management, attorneys and insurers. Some have been in response to litigation or regulatory proceedings, while others have been in support of company improvement efforts following adverse findings by the NRC.

Our clients have included more than two dozen law firms, insurance companies, electric utility companies, fuel cycle facilities, oil and gas companies, government contractors, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Justice.