Representative Projects – Litigation

TMI Consolidated Litigation – Talisman Personnel assisted defense counsel with Daubert challenges to plaintiff expert witnesses. Several of plaintiff’s experts were subsequently struck and defendants won a summary judgement verdict.

Fuel Fabrication Facility – Talisman Personnel conducted a source term reconstruction, the first of any scale completed outside the government, to address allegations of harm caused by release of radioactivity.

Off-Site Exposure Lawsuits – Talisman Personnel have assisted defense attorneys in several lawsuits involving allegations of health and environmental damage caused by the release of radiation and hazardous materials.

Yucca Mountain Licensing – Talisman assisted the U.S. Department of Energy with the establishment of a Licensing Support Network, for use during the NRC licensing proceeding regarding the proposed high-level radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

Oil Field NORM Litigation – Talisman was engaged by attorneys for a major oil company to assist in defending against a series of lawsuits alleging personal injuries and property damage from exposure to naturally-occurring radioactive material (NORM) related to oil and gas development.

Worker Exposure Litigation – Talisman Personnel assisted defense lawyers in a series of lawsuits alleging harm from hot particles, or “fuel fleas,” escaping from the radiation controlled areas of a nuclear power plant.

Power Plant Co-Owner Litigation – Talisman Personnel were engaged to assist counsel for public utility companies in numerous lawsuits brought by co-owners, or large power purchasers.

Hanford Litigation – Talisman Personnel participated in the development of the computer codes used to calculate individual doses and probability of causation for plaintiffs with leukemia, lung, liver, stomach, and breast cancer.

False Claims Act Litigation – Talisman Personnel were engaged to assist defense attorneys with litigation involving allegations surrounding the production of “pondcrete” by the DOE prime contractor at Rocky Flats in the mid to late-1980s.

Uranium Mill Litigation – Talisman Personnel were engaged by defense attorneys to assist with litigation filed in Navajo Tribal Court alleging harm from exposure to radiation from a uranium mill.

Plant Outage Hearings – Talisman Personnel have participated in numerous state and Federal prudence reviews conducted to determine how to allocate the costs associated with an extended outage at a nuclear power plant among the company, its investors, and the ratepayers.

Vendor Litigation – Talisman Personnel have participated in numerous lawsuits between power plant operators and their vendors, including lawsuits involving GE containment designs and Westinghouse steam generators.

Decommissioning Cost Proceeding – Talisman personnel assisted counsel to an electric company during FERC hearing to determine allocate of decommissioning costs among the company, its investors, and the ratepayers.