Regulatory Assistance

Talisman personnel include individuals with distinguished careers and experience related to the regulation of nuclear facilities and sites. Talisman provides regulatory and nuclear consulting services to firms facing complex issues before the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Agreement States, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) or compliance with international standards.

Talisman personnel include former senior managers from the U.S. NRC and U.S. DOE. Moreover, Talisman has broad experience and expertise with the NRC licensing process and the U.S. and international standards that apply to the regulation of nuclear facilities, the use of radioactive materials, and the cleanup and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Many senior consultants at Talisman have more than 30 years experience in nuclear regulation.

Our areas of expertise include materials and reactor licensing; decommissioning of materials and reactors under U.S. and international standards; radioactive waste management; NRC enforcement issues; the NRC License Termination Rule (10 CFR Part 20, Subpart E), low-level waste disposal (10 CFR Part 61); 11e(2) by-product material, fuel cycle regulation, environmental risk reviews, import or export licensing, due diligence evaluations of nuclear assets; allegation reviews, safety conscious work environment, independent reviews for corporate management, and Agreement State issues.

We are well-qualified to assist senior management of nuclear facilities and their Boards of Directors, legal counsel, and financial advisors in evaluations of current operating performance of the facility; engineering, licensing, operations, and maintenance backlogs; regulatory compliance and enforcement issues; long-term nuclear fuel arrangements; estimated decommissioning costs and adequacy of decommissioning funding; potential for license extension; spent nuclear fuel storage and low-level waste disposal; plant protection and security; staff turnover and adequacy of staffing; and allegations, employee concerns, Congressional concerns and public support.