Representative Projects – Regulatory Assistance

Fuel Cycle Facility Improvement Efforts – Assisted a fuel cycle facility respond to an upset condition by supporting the completion of a detailed root cause analysis report and developing a corrective action plan. Both were accepted by the NRC as appropriate and restart was approved. Provided on-site support to oversee startup activities.

Allegation Investigations – Conducted an independent assessment into allegations that were filed with the NRC asserting wrongdoing by licensee managers that our client was required to have an outside organization investigate. Conducted three independent investigations into allegations filed with the NRC for a fuel cycle facility. In all cases the NRC accepted the independent report as adequate to address the concerns filed with the NRC.

Site Decommissioning and Cleanup – Assisted site owners and licensees with expert regulatory advice on complex site decommissioning activities, including detailed cleanup standards, adequacy of decommissioning plans and requirements for obtaining NRC approvals.

Readiness Reviews – Participated in a readiness review for startup of a DOE facility that was involved in spent fuel handling. Conducted a review of a safety concern with a proposed remedial effort at a DOE radioactive waste burial pit.

Search for Missing Spent Fuel – Provided expert regulatory assistance supporting the efforts of a utility to search for and account for missing spent nuclear fuel rods. Support included conducting the search activities at the reactor site and investigation of other alternative locations, adequacy of the NRC interface, root cause analysis support, and state regulatory support and risk assessment. The utility, the NRC and the state regulatory bodies involved agreed with our Report’s conclusions and corrective actions.

Nuclear Power Plant Due Diligence Reviews – Conducted Due Diligence reviews that were utilized by Utility managers and Boards of Directors to evaluate the risks and benefits of the nuclear facilities involved in the potential mergers.

Assistance to DOE National Labs – Provided expert regulatory advice to a DOE national laboratory with responsibility to obtain NRC approval of spent fuel shipping canisters. As a member of an Independent Oversight Council, a Talisman expert provided programmatic assessment of the actions being planned and being taken to respond to DOE safety concerns.

Support to Waste Management Firms – Provided expert regulatory assistance for NRC import/export licensing of radioactive material for processing, for general interface with senior NRC managers after changes in senior management, for evaluating the possibility of establishing less stringent regulatory disposal requirements and for issues related to spent fuel activities.

Nuclear Equipment Supplier – Provided expert regulatory advice on addressing technical issues with NRC concerning regulatory approval of their device and addressing related technical issues. This involved extensive interaction with NRC managers over a two-year period.

DOE Yucca Mountain LSN Project – Responsible for establishing and maintaining the Requirements Traceability matrix that is utilized to support the determination that the DOE LSN meets NRC’s regulatory requirements. Responsible for developing and implementing the DOE LSN Project QA program.