Services – Regulatory Assistance

Talisman personnel frequently are engaged to assist in the development and implementation of regulatory strategies. We have extensive experience in the preparation and review of license applications and related submittals; development of licensing strategies; safety analysis of technical proposals; arranging and facilitating meeting with NRC technical staff; development of regulatory policies, plans, and programs; and preparation of responses to NRC enforcement actions.

Talisman is well-qualified to assist clients in the evaluation of nuclear assets in anticipation of sale, purchase or merger. Our staff includes individuals with senior-level experience in the licensing, inspection, and regulation of nuclear power plants. We also have personnel with significant experience in the management of nuclear power plant operations and the issues associated with the transfer of nuclear asset ownership. In previous engagements, we have conducted in-depth evaluations of both the operational and regulatory performance of utility nuclear power programs for the purpose of identifying any factors that are likely to affect future operational performance or value of these facilities.

Our reviews have included detailed investigations of NRC documents and management’s responses to NRC findings, SEC Reports, INPO evaluations, Joint Utility Audit reports, Off-Site Review Committee reports, and internal Quality Assurance Audits. Other areas that we have reviewed include the effectiveness of corrective action programs, quality assurance programs, design basis documentation, radiation protection programs, plant procedures, equipment reliability, emergency planning, preventative and corrective maintenance, and outage management. The results of our reviews have been presented to our client’s Boards of Directors.