Services – Security

Talisman personnel have extensive, high-end experience assisting clients in protecting valued assets from physical security threats; developing and implementing detailed design and engineering packages for state-of-the-art integrated security systems installations; identifying, quantifying, and assessing the risks associated with security vulnerabilities; and planning, staffing, scheduling and estimating cost-effective security solutions.

Talisman personnel provide expert support services to a variety of clients for security risk assessment and management at a variety of locations and facility types. We are proficient in the application of various security risk management and assessment methodologies, and highly skilled in the application of vulnerability assessment tools, including threat identification avoidance analyses, and planned response evaluations; security vulnerability risk reduction, countermeasure planning and severity ranking activities; consequence analyses and risk profiling for effective asset protection; cost-benefit analyses and options development and evaluation; and work-place violence prevention.

Talisman personnel provide design and engineering support services to clients by assisting with the preparation of integrated security systems design and engineering packages, performance specifications and Bills of Materials. We are proficient with current state-of-the-art and specialized technology applications, the deployment of commercial-off-the-shelf systems and components and standard electronic security systems configurations and arrangements, including providing subject matter expertise for evolving technologies or specialized field implementation techniques; developing and implementing configuration management and design control systems; and network and operating system administrations.

Our personnel are experienced and skilled in the review and verification of integrated security systems drawing and specification packages; the deployment of standard and customized engineering solutions; the application of design and engineering Project Management skills; full documentation of as-built conditions, including drawings, technical specifications, and database configurations. We have the capability to deliver design and engineering packages for systems elements such as access control, security management and intrusion detection systems; fiber optic backbone, communications and alarm annunciation systems; CCTV systems, video matrix switchers with digital video recording components; field panel and equipment room racks and console systems; perimeter, security lighting and passive barrier systems; turnstile, gate and vehicle entrance systems; and complete, supporting documentation for systems integration, interdependency and interfaces.

Talisman personnel provide executive level, systems expert support services to clients for independent, third party perspective on compliance with client requirements, technical specifications and industry standards. We are proficient at design and engineering package reviews, including drawings, schematics, termination schedules, and database structures; plan view and layout drawings, and equipment location drawings.

Enercon Services, Inc. (ENERCON), Talisman’s parent company, has vast experience in providing evaluations and design for integrated security systems using equipment from the various major suppliers in the security industry. ENERCON is a leading provider of detailed design engineering of security systems for the commercial nuclear fleet. ENERCON has provided fleet-wide design for all of the major NRC mandated security modifications including the recently revised part 73, Cyber Security, ISFSI requirements and the 2001 ICM orders. In addition, ENERCON has provided new plant security licensing products and designs for all the major reactor vendors (AP-1000, ESBWR, US-APWR, m-Power).